Closet Office Makeover (Wife Version)

Learn how we took a closet from this to something much, MUCH more beautiful in the Closet Office Makeover post.

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Today, I am {finally] inviting you into my new happy place.  My new and improved closet office.  But because it is so important to always remember where you came from, let’s start there.  Before the closet office makeover.



The before picture of the closet office makeover. It's so sad to think that aside from a little clutter, I didn't think it was that bad. See the after in the blog post!


This is where my ‘finished thoughts’ happened.  How you ask? I know! But if Pixar wanted to do an Inside Out movie of my brain on kids, I feel like they could use this to set the scene.  I hang my kids’ clothes in their closet in rainbow order {stop it, I know I have a problem} but because I’m the only one that is affected by this space, I have allowed it to be neglected for so long.  But not now.   I’m putting my foot down.  That and because Santa surprised me with a Cricut for Christmas and I really needed a place to put it.  So, I gathered my dream team, a.k.a. my Dad was visiting, and I put him and the hubby to work.


I proposed my list of requirements:

  1. A large, seamless work space
  2. A way to expand the work space when needed
  3. Designated room for my essentials- computer, printer, sewing machine, Cricut
  4. Shelves for organization
  5. Room for the chair to be closed in and the doors to lock. No tiny fingers allowed. (Super important because this closet is in the play room.)
  6. As budget-friendly as possible.
  7. Last but not least, it had to be pretty (duh!)


Of course, we started by clearing out the closet. So. Much. Stuff.  And took a good look at what we were working with.  My favorite part about this is was that we realized the wire shelf we were removing would fit perfectly in our master walk-in closet.  And just like that I bought myself another closet makeover. Winning!


But let’s focus.


We sat in the empty closet for a while and did a lot of head scratching and pursed-lip head nodding and shaking.  And then after two full days of convincing my Dad we were NOT knocking down any walls, we had a plan.  Exciting!!


Now at this point, I let the boys do their thing and did my best to keep kids from eating nails and playing with power tools. {Not easy.}  So I really can’t tell you much about the logistics of what happened next.  I would only pop my head in to snap pictures and tell them what they were doing wrong.  I mean encourage them and bring them a sweet tea.


But luckily the boys were thoroughly instructed to write down everything they were doing and to pause for pictures, and they obliged!  Come to think of it, I really should have brought them sweet teas.  Poor guys.  And on top of that my rock star husband agreed to write me the husband’s version of the closet makeover.  The one that includes supplies, measurements, tips, boy talk, etc.  And you can find that here.  And now a small clap for his blog debut!  All to make it easier for your husband to build one for you. 😉


But for now, I’ll continue talking about the fun part.


I knew I wanted a fun, relaxing color, but I didn’t think paint would be enough to achieve the look I had in mind.  And then I found this.  Peel and stick repositionable wallpaper.  Similar to this herePerfect.  For budgeting purposes, we chose to only take it from the ceiling to the desk top.  Knowing that only a small amount of the remaining back wall would be seen once everything was in place.


There’s #3, probably chewing on a nail. Whoops!  And number #2 is more than likely sneaking bubble gum in the corner.

#2 and #3 enjoying the new space during the closet office makeover.



*But mom, can’t we keep it like this?  So much more room for activities. *

Forget the closet office makeover Mom. Can't we just leave it like this? So much more room for activites!


Then came the shelving.  See the husband’s version for more on this.

Finished side shelves on right side of closet office.



I’m a huge fan of the clean white look.

Here is the painted and installed desktop and side shelving for the closet office makeover. And the beginnings of the middle shelves.

Things were going great!! Next it came time for the desktop extension. *Cue more head scratching.*  The initial thought was to have something that folded down and out.  But because I wouldn’t always be using the extension, we didn’t want it to just constantly be in the way.   After lots and lots of Pinsearching (Pinterest Researching), I thought I had it all figured out.  Something that swung up with legs that folded down.  Of course! But no.  We realized the legs would not fold the way we wanted them to without bumping the underside of the desk or taking up the storage space I was looking forward to having behind the extension.  Dang.


So, then my Dad came up with this.

The workspace extension for the closet office makeoever. A removable leg the slides in to support to the fold up desktop extension. Brilliant!

A removable ‘leg’ that can be slid into a slot on the extension.  Brilliant.  Not my initial reaction, but brilliant.  I wasn’t a fan of an extra ‘piece’ lying around but it certainly has proved to be the right decision.  As an added bonus, it is a mobile, clean, white surface that I can take to ‘the good light’ when taking pictures of small items.  When desktop extensions give you lemons…..


Here is a view from underneath to help you better understand how it works:


Here is a view from under the workspace extension so that you can get a better idea of how the leg is inserted. This is undoubtedly one of the best parts of the closet office makeover.

And one from the side:

Here is a side view of the workspace extension with the leg fully inserted. One of the best parts of the closet office makeover, for sure! Learn more at the Closet Office Makeover blog post.


So there we have it! Isn’t she beautiful?! I’m in love.  Desktop extension up:


Here is the final product of the closet office makeover with the workspace extension in place. Look how seemlessly it gives the added workspace and a clean look. I'm so in love! Check out the blog post for more details.

Desktop extension down.  With enough room for the chair to be pushed in, and for the doors to close.  And lock!

Here is the bare, finished product of the closet office makeover with the desktop extension down. See the before pictures and learn more in the blog post.

Now it was my turn to play.


The first thing we knew we were going to need in here was light.  And no, Dad, we are not tapping into the electric.  I was so excited to come across these.  Wireless led lights with a switch to be placed at your discretion.  Like this.  Yes!! It put a nice source of light right where we need it.

The adhesive, wireless LED lights were certainly another one of my favorite parts of the closet office makeover. The add a great amount of light directly to the workspace and have a wireless switch that is also adhesive and placed to the right of door frame inside the office.

And finally, move in day.


I felt just like Joanna Gaines.  It was exhilarating.  Minus my kids decked out in adorable Matilda Jane dresses bringing me dinner.  That didn’t happen.  Although at some point I’m sure my naked-besides-a-diaper 1 year old did share a partially chewed animal cracker with me.  I’ll take what I can get.


My go-to for a lot of things was storage cubes.  One for my crafting supplies and one for my sewing supplies and two more for miscellaneous things.  I love this because it is all in one place and can be mobile if necessary.  There were some items that fit better in random boxes I had, so to make it pretty I just wrapped them in wrapping paper.

Here is a close up of the left side of the desktop and 2 of the 3 side shelves following the closet office makeover. I love that the sewing machine and Cricut have their own space. Want to find out more? Check out the blog post Closet Office Makeover

My next favorite organizational find were these rolling storage carts.  2 of them fit perfectly side by side under the desk.  1 for office supplies and 1 for Cricut supplies.  The best part is they are light weight and on wheels, so I can just roll them out as needed.

One of my favorite finds for the closet office makeover were these rolling storage carts. They are lightweight and on wheels, and lucky enough 2 of them fit side by side in the deadspace to the right under the desktop! I can wheel them out when I need them, and store them when I don't.

This is certainly not the prettiest of pictures, but underneath the left side of the desk I was able to fit my fabric bins. And thanks to the closed desktop extension, you don’t even know they are there.

This is not the prettiest picture, but it's real life. The deadspace under the desk top to the left (to the left of the workspace extension) made the perfect spot to store my fabric bins.

The pen cups were all from the dollar store and spray painted them with gold spray paint to match some other gold accessories.  I grabbed these adorable pens, pencils, and tape dispenser recently in the value section at Target.

Closet Office Makeover, cute accessories found in the value section at Target


When it came time to find a place for my stamps, I remembered I had a few of these lying around- those great wooden boxes a lot of Melissa and Doug toys come in.  {See Honey, I told you I would use them someday!}  A little of the same spray paint and as good as gold.  Side note:  Can I even BEGIN to tell you how happy it made me to put these stamps in perfect order. Ahhhhh.  AND what a miracle that every. single. one. survived its previous treacherous living conditions.

Another piece of the closet office makeover was finding a better way to store my stamps. This wooden box that a Melissa and Doug kid's stamp set came in was perfect, with a little gold spray paint, of course!

What would an office be without a decorative cork board and dry erase board?  I didn’t like how either one took away from my pretty back drop, so on the door they went.

Just a few final touches.  The light box was a super fun gift and I was excited to find it a perfect home.  My ‘name’ in lights? Sure, why not?!


Now that I had the work space I was DYING to give the Cricut Explore Air 2 a try.  I had a white canvas lying around and had recently come across this fun adhesive foil in what color other than gold.  A little motivation from my girl, Moana, and {*adoring sigh*} my happy place was born.


Just look at her.

And there she is, the final product of the closet office makeover, with the workspace extension closed. Isn't she pretty? Wanna know how it happend? Check out my blog to find out!

Sometimes I just sit here tapping my toes with a stupid smile on my face and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.


But before that beauty is destroyed by forces greater than Hurricane Matthew, lock those doors!

The final piece to the closet office makeover was finding a way to keep little fingers out with a childproof double door lock.


Wheew, that was close.

Be sure to check out the husband’s blog debut for more details on how it all came together.


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